Open May through October from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday, and open Saturday  noon to 4:30 p.m., and Sunday by appointment. The organization is nonprofit, financed by entrance fees, grants, and donations.  Museum closed for Season as of 10-6-2019.


$2.00 adults
Children under 12 are free.


9/6/16 Museum is very Midwestern. Met the daughter of the owner who gave us a brief tour. She was friendly. A lot of cowboy stuff, seems nice and quaint for being a small town museum!
2/23/14 The museum is stuffed with all kinds of historic items and we got a great tour by the owner and her grand daughter. Our six year old is still talking about the things he saw and the kitten he and the girl played with. The owners are constantly restoring and building new exhibits so this place is going to stay interesting if visited again.

Great experience!
10/10/12 It doesn't really get more mid-Western charm than this museum.

We pit-stopped in Lusk, the largest little town between Cheyenne and our destination in the Black Hills, for a tank of gas and a leg stretch. We ended up checking out the Stagecoach Museum and I'm glad we did.

This is a part of Americana that needs to be seen, a slice of the Oregon Trail not seen on a green-and-black computer screen. The expanse and openness (is that the same thing?) of Wyoming is breathtaking NOW, in the 21st century. Can you imagine when whole families packed up and moved themselves out quite literally into the middle of nowhere for a chance at a better life and embraced life in that wide open?

The artifacts in museums like this and those settler's descendants that now occupy towns like Lusk are what remains of that time. I greatly appreciated getting to know the pioneering spirit of that time and what life was like. Glad we went.
7/30/12 For a $2 entry fee, you get a guided tour by a very informed docent, who clearly loves this tiny little town.  It can be "hands on" at times, and there's tons of artifacts to see from the entire school house in the back, to a stagecoach UPSTAIRS, to rifles, WWII souvenirs, and period clothing.

Learn about cattle barons, see a stuffed two headed calf, get a Coke from the old timey machine, buy a Wyoming license plate for $3.  

What I found fascinating, was that this town used to be a bustling city, and how once the depression set in, it was reduced to a speck on the map. It's a whole side of American history that's completely foreign to me.
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